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Shamanic Drumming & Shamanism

Shamanic Drumming and shamanic ritual have been Ellie's passions since 2004 and what she is best known for in shamanic circles, along with her love of and relationship to the fire.  More recently drumming activities have been curtailed by osteoarthritis so the workshops and circles are no longer regular events, and she is no longer serving sweat lodge fires or running firewalks for the present.  Enquiries and interest for future events welcomed, but the work at present is more focused on small groups and individual work 1-1 with clients.  In more recent years (since 2011) she has gone deeper into druidry and there is a distinctive flavour of this in her subsequent work, which in druidry is not a conflict as it is a nature based spirituality and encompasses shamanic concepts.

Monthly since 2010 and still going strong, our Middle World Journey walks out in nature allow us to connect deeply to nature and enter into dialogue with her to consider and resolve our day to day and deep lifelong issues, sharing only what we choose after each of 3-4 short journeys and usually sharing refreshments at nearby cafes after the event too.  Next walk  Tuesday 4 February 11am-1pm at Birnie Loch, north Fife.

Previously she taught regular shamanic circles and a range of half day, full day and full weekend drumming workshops, for beginners to advanced shamanic practitioners and for psychotherapists, counsellors, healing therapists of all kinds and anyone else who is interested enough to come along to the open workshops.  £10 per session for weekly groups, £20/£15 for montly drum circle and £50 per full day workshop or evening firewalk.  New for 2012 was a regular monthly Drumming Circle mostly on Sunday afternoons at 2pm, around the time of the full moon to engage with powerdrumming and connect to deep drum healing rituals for all.

Medicine Wheel teachings were shared during the summer 2012 at the Monday Group and a full day event in Ayrshire was run on 20 October by Ellie in partnership with Elaine Liechti another experienced practitioner aswell as a well known teacher of shiatsu. As a result of the feedback on this event we will be running another day workshop on the same material next spring.  Thereafter we plan a more detailed second level workshop on working with addictions of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels in summer if demand exists.  For more details please contact us but the cost per day is £50 and a deposit of £20 is required to ensure your place. 


Who you are dealing with!

Ellie is an experienced shamanic practitioner and teacher, who grew up surrounded by landscapes, animals, trees to climb, walls to jump from, rivers to play in and within a family dedicated to spirituality (albeit in the form of Christianity).  The shamanic journey of interconnectedness with nature began from the year dot and deepened once she was old enough to seek sanctuary and guidance in the branches of an old walnut tree in the garden and any other place she could find to explore.  The more formal training started in her late teens and early 20s with workshops from the likes of Denise Linn, Tim Wheater and Chris James, and the experience of working within a community of Dark Age re-enactment societies where paganism, shamanism and celtic/druidic practices flowed with ease.  Having kept most of that under wraps and strictly for weekends during two successful careers in London and Dundee, she then reconnected and committed fully to the path of shamanism in 2004, being trained extensively by Stephen Mulhearn at Lendrick Lodge within the lineage of native American teachings from Sandra Ingerman (Medicine for the Earth, Soul Retrieval etc) and that of Sundoor Firewalking  founder Peggy Dylan.  Sandra endorsed her case studies as a Soul Retrieval Practitioner in 2007 and through Stephen she has also acquired considerable experience in power retrieval, extraction, psychopomp and a range of other traditional shamanic rituals - extraction being one of her specialisms.  Peggy authorised her as a Firewalking Instructor in 2005 and Sundoor Master in 2006.   Morning Star's visit to Scotland in 2006 introduced her to working with the Medicine Wheel and with his permission she began teaching that material in 2011 after working with it intensively over a period of  4 years before returning to learn more from him in summer 2012.  Adolfo Tito Konturi taught her much about working with the apukuna or mountain spirits in the Andes around Cusco, Peru during three visits in 2005-06 on which she has built, with his support, an even deeper kinship with the Scottish hills and mountains where she lives, works and walks.  And other teachers have placed gems into the growing bowl of resources and ideas from which she draws, as have other trainings ranging from reiki, breathwork and counselling to mediation/conflict resolution, TA psychotherapy and massage therapy!  

Now fully self employed as a therapist, practitioner, teacher, workshop leader and smallholder, Ellie offers individual healing/counselling sessions in addition to the various workshops and drumming circles, firewalks and other outdoor rituals. She is currently studying Druidry (Ovate Grade) through the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), which is adding another strand of Celtic lineage to a diverse and international set of roots and another set of challenges and opportunities to work through. 



Weekly Monday Shamanic Circle

This weekly group met for 2 years from September 2010-September 2012 on Mondays at the Westbank Natural Health Centre, Strathmiglo, Fife.  Our usual summer cycle meeting time was 630-830pm until December but depending on member availability usually shifted to a winter cycle and meet 3-5pm until Spring Equinox, to try and avoid weather related cancellations or travel problems on dark nights. 

Following the ending of that group at a point where members were advanced enough to take on teaching or other directions of their own, a beginner group was set up but there will be another beginner level starting whenever there is sufficient interest.  Please make contact if you are interested and prepared to commit on a weekly level for a minimum of 6 weeks basic journeying and introductory level teachings.

New members at all shamanic events/groups are always welcome, whether you have previous journeying experience or not, whether you have done or even experienced shamanic work or not.  There are opportunities for groups where you come every week or you might prefer to just join us for regular ceremonies, drumming rituals or teaching weeks.

Cost £10 per 2 hour session

Themes for 2011

17 January - basic journeying for new members (if required) plus the importance of the two key aspects of shamanic work, intention and focus.  We will set intentions for ourselves and for the group for the period to spring equinox

24 January - working with the element of Air

31 January - Imbolc ceremony (again with element of Air as our focus)

7 February - drumming ritual - Air 

14 February - Hearts' Desire

21 February - working with the element of Fire

28 February - drumming ritual - Fire drumming (oh yes!)

7 March - Fire ceremony

14 March - nature elementals, creation unfolding

21 March - Equinox ceremony

28 March - Chaos & Creation

4 April - Manifestation

11 April - "Feeding Demons"

18 April - Phoenix Rising

25 April - NO MEETING

2 May - Beltaine Celebration

9 May - Dancing your Power Animals

16 May - Chakra/body part journeying for realignment

23 May - Calling in and the Directions

30 May - Smudge, sacred herbs and plant spirits

6 June - Divination

13 June - Ancestor work

20 June - Summer Solstice ceremony

27 June - Shamanic tasks/roles and a Retrieval Ceremony 

4 July - independence day - soul release ceremony

11 July - Medicine Wheel - the Childrens' Fire

18 July - Medicine Wheel - the Mens' Lodge

25 July -Fly me to the moon - working with the moon phases and especially the dark of the moon

1 August - Lughnasadh/Lammas festival ceremony

8 August - Teachings from the Directions and Sun 

15 August - Medicine Wheel - Peace Chiefs' Lodge

22 August - no meeting

29 August - Medicine Wheel - War Chiefs' Lodge

5 September - Medicine Wheel - Singers & Storytellers

12 September - no meeting

19 September - Medicine Wheel - the Women's Lodge

26 September - Medicine Wheel - the Council

3 October - The group's anniversary celebration - a year ago/a year forward

10 October - Protection - what does it mean, what do you need?

17 October - Mexican/Mayan shamanism (teachings from Jane's recent trip)

24 October - preparing for Samhain

31 October - Samhain ceremony, year end

7 November - the Stone People

14 November - Chakra Journeys

21 November - the Plant People

28 November - the Tree People

5 December - the Star Nations and the Void

12 December - working with the Higher Self

19 December - Winter Solstice

We meet weekly until 19  December (inclusive) and then restart on 9 January 2012


Themes for 2012

9 January - we move to the 3-5pm time slot and work with the concept of Sacred Space 

16 January - 19 March will be journeying and healing rituals for internal movement and growth

26 March - Spring Equinox and a return to the 630-830pm time slot

From Spring Equinox through to Summer Solstice the focus is on expanding into the world anew with the results of our internal winter healing work and learning how to be that new self in the external world,checking on old patterns that may arise, barriers we may find in ourselves or others to that new way of being, and continually reconnecting with the elements, our spirit guides, power animals and each other to confirm who we really are and commit to our path whatever the fears or setbacks we may imagine or perceive.

July/August 2012 Ellie will return to the Medicine Wheel teachings and bring in elements of native American ritual taught by Morning Star.

Monday 28 August NO MEETING

Monday 3 September we resume normal service with the opportunity for new or returning members to explore the basics of Lower, Middle and Upper World journeys, connecting to power animals, elements and guides in human form and journeying to retrieve information and guidance for our daily lives.  Returners also welcome back at any time, no pressure or questions, just a heart felt greeting to old friends aswell as new.

Please contact us with any enquiries and be assured we really do enjoy occasional visitors and people new to the shamanic path, aswell as wishing to expand our core group of weekly participants