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 NEW in 2013 - artwork in charcoal and watercolour occasionally for sale on request.  Ellie overcame a 30+ year belief or intrusion that she couldn't do art when in January 2013 she began attending a weekly art group.  Still lacking confidence, she decided that being good at art and doing art as an expression are two entirely different things!  And with much support and encouragement she has completed a number of pencil, charcoal, watercolour and pastel works, mostly landscape and animal based for obvious reasons of her interests and beliefs.  Unframed works may be available to purchase, pictures will be posted in the album simply to share that there is nothing you were told at school you couldn't do or weren't going to be any good at, that can't still be challenged and done to some degree if you really want to.  In my case I was 13 and had only been in one year of school art when I was advised to go no further.  Honestly, I wonder what else I might have achieved with a little encouragement in early life but still, it really is never too late!



Working with wool fibre, prefelt fibre, wood and a variety of natural materials gathered from the landscape, Elemental Heart Crafts is a reflection of the creative direction in physical/spiritual form.

Specialising in the creation of ritual tools and handcrafted containers for sacred items (tobacco, cedar and other herbs, crystals, runes, ogham sticks, drums, rattles, feathers etc) Elemental Heart Crafts offers a range of unique and personalised gifts for your spiritual path.  Items are available from stock, in which case they are created intuitively, or bespoke to the requirements of practitioner customers from shamanism, buddhism, paganism/wicca/druidry and other spiritual paths.

Examples are feather cases for the ceremonial eagle feather or smudge feather of shamanic practitioners, crystal cases for crystal healers, herb pouches for herbalists or firewalk instructors who use cedar for the fire ritual.  We also make felted slippers for indoor workshop use or indeed for your home, and on occasion can take on larger items like drum bags.

Bags, slippers, scarves and other more "normal use" items are also available, each hand made with care, spiritual awareness and loving kindness towards the end user, whatever their purpose.

Please ask for further details.

Merino fibre cobweb scarves in two contrasting colours and with silver pure silk top decoration, are £35 including first class UK post if required.  Slippers are £25 and are made with a tougher Corriedale fibre.  A drawing around your feet is required to form the individualised template, though we intend to look at pre-made standard sizes in due course.  Bags and pouches range from £10-£60 depending on size, work involved, layers of fibre etc.  Feather cases £25-£35 depending on size, layering etc.  

 For photos of example items, please see photo album.