Elemental Heart

celebrating and supporting the transitions of life

About Elemental Heart

There are two key ingredients to a successful outcome - intention and focus.  So you can understand where we are coming from, here is the intention and focus of Elemental Heart (and Elemental Therapies).

Defining our intention

"Elemental • adjective 1 fundamental. 2 of or resembling the powerful and primitive forces of nature. 3 relating to or of the nature of a chemical element." 

 "Heart  • noun 1 a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. 2 the central, innermost, or vital part: the heart of the city. 3 a person’s feeling of or capacity for love or compassion. 4 mood or feeling: a change of heart. 5 courage or enthusiasm... "

"Facilitator • verb make easy or easier" 

All above definitions from Oxford Compact English Dictionary, http://www.askoxford.com/

So in essence we are here to make easier your journey to the central, innermost and vital part of yourself, to help you enhance your feeling or capacity for love and compassion, and to bring about with you a shift towards positive mood, courage and enthusiasm, using the fundamental, powerful and primitive forces of nature along with that most essential of tools, our own courageous, enthusiastic and compassionate loving heart energy. 

Sounds like a good way to live and work doesn't it?

Our Focus ie What we do:

Walking with you along the path of an ancient spiritual and emotional journey through the changes of life and all its challenges, Elemental Heart exists to give you non-judgemental company on your way, information without pressure to conform, creativity in finding new options during times of internal or external conflict, loving support when times are tough, challenge when you feel stuck, and celebrate with you when changes occur.

Key activities are transition support, celebration of rituals and witnessed rites of passage, healing and energy work, and a range of workshops for individual or group bookings ranging from shamanic drumming to the ancient firewalk or, the way we do it, the firedance!  More information on our activities page or contact us with any questions..

We work with all the elements of nature to help our clients find Courage, achieve Change, learn and practise Compassion to self and others, and celebrate the power of personal Choice.   These four "C"s relate to the elements of Fire, Earth Water and Air and to the four fundamental emotions of human experience, fear, anger, sadness and joy.  Come and dance with us if your heart beats to this rhythm and you feel called to move your feet on this pathway with us.