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After undertaking a period of retreat  and growth beneath the soil and in the hibernating bear's cave over the turn of the Celtic year, the gradual awakening has come to a point of reconnection and while still not currently teaching, the seeds of the coming year are starting to rise to awareness and meantime the regular monthly walking journeys in the Middle World of our natural landscape are continuing and massage therapy has expanded  during 2013, psychotherapy, reiki and "walking the talk" (outdoor nature based counselling) are all available to book for 2014.

Once a month my home and hearth are open to those who wish to explore the powerful world and ritual of  Crones.  You do not need to be post-menopausal, nor even a Goddess worshipping pagan, you will know when the energy calls you!  This is about reclaiming power as a mature woman, taking independent action, working with hearthfires and "mundane" tools to work in the dark times and feel the community of those who wonder "now what" after career or parenthood or couplehood or financial goals have been reached (or not) and the future opens up into an unknown, unknowing time.  For myself at 48 there are physical restrictions, emotional space to look again at life and wonder what next, the "rest of my life" is unseen, unfolding without and beyond the plans I had in childhood, after I achieved my life dreams and goals and gave up on the "being a parent" option finally acknowledging it has gone by me, that time.  What it means to you?  Only you know, but we will share conversation and ritual to come to terms with what was, what never will be, what we sense coming, and whatever else is brought through the doorway to us.

 NEW in 2013 - artwork in charcoal and watercolour occasionally for sale on request.  Ellie overcame a 30+ year belief or intrusion that she couldn't do art when in January 2013 she began attending a weekly art group.  Still lacking confidence, she decided that being good at art and doing art as an expression are two entirely different things!  And with much support and encouragement she has completed a number of pencil, charcoal, watercolour and pastel works, mostly landscape and animal based for obvious reasons of her interests and beliefs.  Unframed works may be available to purchase, pictures will be posted in the album simply to share that there is nothing you were told at school you couldn't do or weren't going to be any good at, that can't still be challenged and done to some degree if you really want to.  In my case I was 13 and had only been in one year of school art when I was advised to go no further.  Honestly, I wonder what else I might have achieved with a little encouragement in early life but still, it really is never too late!


Please note I have decided to give up the .com domain (November 2013) as an unnecessary expense in favour of the webs own URL which for me symbolises taking away the marketing and labelling and just providing essential core information straight up - that's who I am and how I work so it has been hard to come to terms with all the pushing and marketing hype and I don't want to do it, so I won't!

 Hot Stone Massage is now available on request, I have recently undergone training and purchased the equipment and can vouch for the relaxation effect on the basis of my own experience and feedback from new clients recently.

The next Middle World Journey is Tuesday 4 February 11am-1pm at Birnie Loch celebrating Imbolc the emergence of first signs of spring, the green emerging from overwintered bulbs and the new shoots of our own growth.

Drummers, you can still come and try/select from a range of around 20 Remo Buffalo drums, both 16" and 22" sizes at £80 and £100 respectively.  While these drums are synthetic and made alike, they each sound very different and if you wish to be guided through the selection process without pressure to purchase then please make an appointment and spend time listening for the heartbeat that will best resonate with your own energy for the work you wish to do.  Synthetic Remo drums have the benefit of being reliable in our UK climate where skin drums often struggle to maintain the correct tension and if you're working as a teacher or practitioner it makes life simpler - they also do well outdoors and in sweat lodge, firewalking events and other places where you just want to pick up and start drumming.

Still available both traditional table based Swedish and seated acupressure massage for which you sit on a supported foward leaning massage chair and experience the relaxing and invigorating effects of massage while dressed and without oils.  Ideal for workplaces, events and other public environments, the seated massage focuses on back neck shoulder and arms, releasing tension particularly related to the stresses of working at laptops and other desk based jobs.  A pick-me-up trial session can last a mere 10-15 minutes and get you back to work within a lunchtime or coffee break, feeling ready to go again.  A more salon type Swedish massage can take up to the usual 45-50 minutes (plus consultation) but please allow a few minutes before driving away as relaxation effects are significant.  

Please enquire for more details.



Previous news:

New event 29 October 630pm at Lindores, north Fife (near Newburgh/Auchtermuchty/Cupar) - a Crones Gathering for crones of all ages on the Samhain full moon to connect to the wisdom of age, of the ancestors and of letting go into the night fire all those things that no longer serve us.  £10 for a place at the fireside - the event will last approx 2 hours and cups of tea/herbal tea/hot chocolate included.  Contact us for directions and to confirm a place.  The setting is informal in a domestic home by the hearth of the fire as in the old ways, rather than a formal workshop environment so you can come and be fully yourself but you are warned this is a smallholding with cats that come indoors so if allergies are likely, please come stocked with whatever you need to be able to breathe!!

23 October - the first joint teaching on Medicine Wheel at Dalry went well but we know several people who wished to attend and had other commitments that day so another Medicine Wheel workshop is planned for spring 2013 and once that has run we intend to do a second stage workshop next summer going deeper into working with addictions on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels using the Medicine Wheel teachings.  Please contact Elaine or Elemental Heart to be included on the mailing for both levels and if there is sufficient interest we can also look at other venues. Please note addictions in this context are about patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which do not serve us, not just about substance misuse, though the former may of course manifest in many ways including substance dependency.

5 October - after a second wonderful visit to Helensburgh and some drum healing, wood walking and lochside riding, we are now in the final stages of planning for the Medicine Wheel teachings in Dalry, Ayrshire on 20 October (with Elaine Liechti), the shamanic drumming workshop at Strathmiglo, Fife on 28 October, two drumming events for psychotherapists and general public in East & West Midlands respectively in early November, a firewalk in Strathmiglo on 24 November and the usual round of shamanic teachings and outdoor rituals, drum circles etc.  Please note full day workshops are £50 as is the firewalk event.  Discount for returning clients who bring someone new to Elemental Heart events so ask your friends!

Looking forward to 2013 we are planning a full day shamanic drumming workshop including drum healings and ritual in spring at a new venue Tir n'an Og holistic centre - date to be confirmed but contact us now for inclusion on the mailing list and facebook invitations list if you wish to be kept informed.  

Another shamanic beginners group is being organised and will run from 5 November for 6 weeks in north Fife, while we are looking into a beginners workshop on shamanic journeying in and outdoors over in the Helensburgh area also.  For both please send contact information if interested. 

12 September - Shamanic Mondays are restarting 24 September with a 6 week introductory course introducing the basics of journeying, the worlds, elements, power animals, directions, ritual and a chance to step into this ancient practice or return to the beginning and learn at a deeper level.  £50 (£20 deposit, remainder on first night) for the 6 sessions - further more in depth trainings will be available depending on interest, either in subsequent 6 week blocks or in workshop format.  Contact us to book your place or discuss your interest.

Also following an initial visit to the woods and lochs of Argyll, there will be an introductory Middle World Journey walk near Helensburgh in the next few weeks and a drumming workshop day is planned for that region subject to sufficient interest and confirmation of the venue will follow.  Again please contact us to book at £50 for a full day, with spare drums available if you don't have your own.  Shamanic and other therapeutic services are all available to book on an occasional or regular basis during my visits to the west coast, aswell as here in north Fife.

28 August - following a powerful week staffing Soul Retrieval at Lendrick Lodge, I am now back at work planning upcoming events including the one day drumming workshops on 28 October (Fife), 7 November (Notts) and 9 November (West Midlands), and the exciting Medicine Wheel workshop with Elaine Liechti on 20 October in Ayrshire.  I am also looking at plans for 2013 and potential new venues/groups to work with.

There is the potential to begin seeing clients regularly in the Trossachs (at Lendrick Lodge by Callander) for psychotherapy, spiritual support, counselling or other of my skills as required so if anyone is seeking a therapist and is free, the most likely day would be a Friday daytime, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly as required.  Those arriving for regular Lendrick events would be able to prebook one-off sessions in advance of their course and/or obtain ongoing support while at the Lodge.  Please contact me to express interest and get further details.


CDs of Chief Crazy Bull teachings/chants are still available for sale at a minimum donation of £10, and I have a few remaining booklets by Morning Star about the dissolving technique for a minimum donation of £3 - again all funds going to the Nations.  I am happy to share the technique with clients as part of my ongoing spiritual practice, and a proportion of those sessional fees will again be donated. 

The Drumming Circle next meets Sunday 25 November at Westbank Centre, Strathmiglo, starting at 2pm - all welcome.  £20 first time you come, then £15 thereafter.

The Monday Shamanic Group has been working deeply with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual addictions and with relationships and healing through the Medicine Wheel - from 2 September the group lost Jane as co-teacher and Ellie decided to start over with courses of 6 weeks duration aimed at beginners/refreshers, under a new format.  So now would be a good time to step into the shamanic world as we will cover journey techniques and lower/middle/upper world journeys, working with elements and directions, ritual and ceremony, and overviews of various forms of shamanic practice and belief.  Next group starts 5 November.  Enquiries welcome.

Friday 2 November is the next Middle World Journey walk, starting out at 11am somewhere in Fife!  Contact in advance if joining us and you will be notified of the start point closer to the time.  All welcome and only a £5 fee.

Next Drumming Workshop is a full day on Sunday 28 October at Westbank, Strathmiglo, fee £50 and we start from 930am - all levels including beginner and if you let me know I can supply drums to try/borrow/purchase on the day.

Next Firewalk planned for Saturday 24 November at Westbank £50 per person (Sundoor Instructors/Masters free) The theme is "Living your Truth", all welcome but please note this is not a spectator event, anyone walking for charity fundraising please specify on booking and we will provide a photo opportunity to provide your proof without compromising the safety of other participants.


Older  News:

Ellie is now fully qualified as a TA psychotherapist (UKCP registration in process) and has achieved a Diploma in Swedish Massage from Scottish Massage Schools so although shamanism remains the focus, clients are also welcome to experience these additional skills separately or in combination with shamanic work. 

Bodywork is an essential component of most healing practice including shamanism, think of the physicality of drumming, dancing, rattling, sweating, questing a vision on the mountain, working with mountain spirit despacho ritual and if you have experienced a shamanic extraction ceremony then you know how hands on that is.  All our memories, particularly the preverbal and trauma-based ones but every part of our experience is embodied ie held in our physical form and down at cellular level.  Our endorphins and other hormonal responses, our circulation of blood, lymph and nutrition through the body, our breath, these are all part of the human life and so often ignored,and in my experience the key to healing is integration of spiritual and emotional and mental into the physical.

Straight massage therapy in itself improves circulation, supports all structures of the body, eases tension in over contracted muscles and releases toxins, adhesions etc for removal through the various systems.  It improves the sense of being in the body, relaxation of stress and being accepted, held, safe and warm in a sacred space by another human being.  Add the intention and focus of reiki, shamanism or other spiritual practices and you have a vehicle for healing on every level.

As for the psychotherapy, the idea may bring out projected negative impressions of being "analysed" or having to talk painfully about the past.  In actual fact psychotherapy is translated as therapy or care of the soul or psyche.  Whether you want to talk or not, being listened to is a gift few of us really have enough of in our lives, an opportunity to be yourself, fully accepted, perhaps challenged in your assumptions but never with judgement, only with curiosity and love for where and who you are right now in this moment.  The journey is your own, but witnessed and walked with by someone whose sole intention is your relief, your growth, your journey to self love and your realisation of who you have the potential to become, no matter what has held you back or pushed you aside from your life purpose and health.   Add shamanism?  No, that is also what shamanism is about, it is the way our ancient ancestors cared for their tribe in difficulty and in pain, using different methods across the globe but with the same grounded purpose, to ease suffering, bring healing and release of past trauma, and unlocking the potential within.  It's just got more scientific explanation now but what worked 30-40 thousand years ago still works today when done with the energy of loving attention, of  unconditional positive regard, of sharing spontaneity, awareness and intimacy, whatever language has been fit to the practices.

Healing alone is possible, adding the resource of another, or of a circle just makes it less lonely and brings in the energy of others to believe with you that change is possible, that miracles can happen, that life is worth living to the fullest possible.

The methods are here in a toolbox and any or all can be brought out for your experience, what works for you is not prescribed by another, but up to you.  The more tools I can put in the toolbox for your use, the more languages I can converse in with you - of spirit, of body, of mind, of emotion, of science or of belief , the more I may be able to serve and support your need.  And that is my intention.


New for 2012: monthly Drumming Circle around the time of the full moon each month so come prepared for some serious power drumming aswell as community circle building and drum healing rituals for ourselves and for people and situations beyond our circle.  £20 per single/first session of 2-3 hours (subsequent sessions £15) starting at 2pm on the following dates and all at Westbank: Sundays 8 January, 5 February, 4 March, SATURDAY 7 April, Sundays 13 May, 3 June, 1 July, 5 August, 2 September, 30 September, 28 October, 25 November. 

Middle World Journeys in Nature (a monthly opportunity to practise a unique form of shamanic Middle World journeying at various outdoor locations) - next meeting Tuesday 4 September 2012.  The April 2011 journey was at Tentsmuir beach and brought some profound teachings on impermanence, tolerance, being different and trust amongst other things.. And in May at Pitmedden Forest we had teachings from the trees about moving fully into our new life and letting go old patterns with ease, rather than hanging onto old beliefs about who we are.  June saw us journeying through a graveyard and around woodland near Dairsie, with lunch at a local hotel afterwards!  July we were back at Falkland Estate and got great teachings - Ellie's own journeys were recorded for inclusion in her new radio show Middle World Pathways on www.shamanicvoice.com due to go out on 23 July!   And in August we went out in the pouring rain up Auchtermuchty Common land to consider the harvesting of our wisdom and the joy of being ourselves, together, outdoors, no matter what!  Child energy was freely accessed and many teachings learned from the horses grazing and tethered out on the common lands.  In September we recorded another Middle World Pathways programme during our journey day at Markinch and on 4 October (St Francis' Day) we connected to a variety of domestic animals including hens and ponies, to learn more about our connection to the animal and bird peoples.  In November we worked with the tree people, particularly the yew on Falkland Estate.  And December we were at Balmerino Abbey and down at the Tay shore, journeying with the trees, the stones of the abbey ruin, and the tidal river.  January 2012 we were at Ladybank woods realising new ways of walking our individual and collective path.  February we journeyed to the mountain and walked up East Lomond in Fife to find new perspective on our lives.  March we were at Birnie Loch enjoying the nature reserve in peaceful tranquility and seeking guidance on our path.  Since then we've been up East Lomond and explored the Falkland Estate woodlands, been all over north and east Fife and had a great time discovering ourselves and the next steps on our path.  What might you learn from nature about yourself if you took the time to join us?  

The Monday night Shamanic Group resumed our summer time 630-830pm effective for the rest of 2012.  We meet weekly at Westbank Centre in Strathmiglo and welcome newcomers and visitors at any session.  Previous journeying experience not necessary but please let us know and we'll make sure you get the basic techniques.  The times changed to 630-830pm from Spring Equinox, which we celebrated on Monday 23 March 2012.  For the period 16 Jan-19 March we were focusing on internal healing work, with journeys and healing rituals rather than specific new teachings as this is the time for internal change and in spring we now start to bring forth the new growth and move out into the world again. When challenges or new ideas come to us, we look at those and journey on their meaning, their healing, their teaching, so that every step of our outward journey has purpose, intention and focus in the moment. During the summer there was an opportunity to explore deeply the path of the Medicine Wheel and work with addictions of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, plus explore relationships and healing through this ancient way of perception and growth.

Join us any week for some drumming, sharing, journeying and magic of shamanic community. We can loan you a rattle if you haven't a drum, and I sell Remo Buffalo Drums (16" and 22") if and when you decide you need one of your own - selection of a drum is treated with full respect and attention and can be done privately or within a group setting.

Looking forward to 2013 we are planning:

  • Monthly Drumming Circle around the Full Moon each month, open to both one off and regular participants
  • Elemental Heartbeat one day drumming workshops at a variety of venues across the UK, tailored to the needs of participants whether they are psychotherapists, vocal coaches or shamanic practitioners, members of the general public or specific organisations.
  • New workshops on the Medicine Wheel, outdoor rituals for spiritual growth, walking events,
  • Weekly Monday shamanic group and monthly outdoor Middle World Journey walks will continue on an ongoing basis, welcoming new members and visitors at every session, possibly expanding to a new weekly group for beginners to shamanic journeying lasting 6 weeks to introduce the three worlds, the elements and directions, and concepts of illness and healing from a shamanic perspective.  Please ask for details.


Thanks to all who attended the Beltaine Firewalk "Into the Abundance of Life" on 7 May, a magical evening outdoors in the apple blossom orchard by the fire while the torrential rain held off for several hours for us.  Many blessings to those who had never walked on fire before, may your lives change beautifully as a result of realising you truly can do anything you set your heart to.  And much gratitude also to the seasoned and enthusiastic firewalkers who came to share their joy and love of the fire dance... I have added to the photo album a couple of photos of the May fire and the love heart of silver ash we left to spread around the plane

Thanks also to those that braved the outdoors Shamanic Talisman Workshop on 12 June - between two days of pouring rain we were gifted with a beautiful sunny afternoon to walk Middle World pathways collecting our materials, sit in circle overlooking a loch and woodland to make our talismans and journey for our individual rituals, and then work in turn to support each participant to fulfil those rituals and release all the negativity connected to the past, within the blessed space of a sacred grove.  Coming back to share refreshments at the end, there were stories of how powerful an experience it was, aided by the outdoors environment and the movement through the landscape.  More similar outdoor work is therefore firmly on the cards, with thanks to the guinea pigs for this new format.

Thanks to Kay Gillard for another step into the unknown!  Ellie's previous interview on Radio Lightworker in October 2010 with Kay Gillard, founder of The Shamanic Voice, was the pilot for Kay's internet radio show and can be found on the archive of Shamanic Voice, downloadable free from iTunes.  Kay's launch of her own station/site less than a year on shows how intention and focus, the key shamanic skills, can manifest change and growth, Kay started the new site by publishing her interview with Sandra Ingerman to launch her own new show - and invited Ellie to present a monthly show also, the first of which went live on 23 July with further programmes due on 23 of each month. One year on, we are expanding the team and the range of shows, come and visit the site for more information.

Thanks to the 19 passionate souls who attended the full day Elemental Heartbeat workshop to experience and learn a range of shamanic drumming techniques and processes.  Based on previous successful half and three quarter day events that just kept expanding we had a ball and could have gone on long into the night within a growing fabulous drum tribe who really raise the vibrations together!  And blessings on the 20th soul who was equally passionate but got lost en route - next time for sure!

We didn't drum too late but several of those wonderful drummers stayed on to share a public firewalk on the evening of 23 July, where they had the opportunity to drum across the fire for an extra special ending to their day, aswell as journey in the beautiful orchard setting around the fire to share abundance with the apple trees and other aspects of nature.

Another first in 2011 was Deep Roots, an outdoor workshop exploring ourselves in relationship to the tree people at a time of shedding leaves and sinking into a deepest internal selves.  Thanks to those willing to walk the woodland pathways with us and experience the peace of our longliving and wise old ones.

1-1 sessions available for spiritual guidance/counselling/shamanic healing - please ask for more information - group and couple work can also be arranged if required.  Standard rates are currently reduced from £40 to £35 an hour in order to support movement in difficult times, but if finance is still genuinely an issue (student/retired/unemployed) please speak to Ellie as our commitment to doing the work includes the possibility of offering reductions where Spirit guides to that purpose.  



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